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If you would like to post a reservation at  (in the following as HOTEL4YOU) , you need to read our GTB and accept it. You can confirm and agree to our terms by simply clicking the ‘accept’- button. Your use of the web site or your consent to the following conditions and information without amendment represents your agreement with all these regulations, conditions and information. If you are not in agreement with these regulations, you are not entitled to use this web site. We reserve the right to exclude individuals or companies from using our web site.
HOTELS4YOU acts purely as intermediaries. When a booking is made, the relevant contract exists exclusively between you and the service provider concerned. The following conditions therefore apply to our mediating activity only and do not influence the conditions under which the related bookings are made. In the latter case, please refer to the relevant general terms and conditions of business of the hotels or service providers concerned.
This Agreement about booking a hotel is between you, the user of our web-site, and HOTEL4YOU. The agreement is valid from the moment that you start you booking request (usually while entering your data into the information fields).
You are using this internet site out of your own free decision and to retrieve more detailed information about hotels we offer, with the aim to book a hotel. You are therefore a client of the HOTEL4YOU services or a user of the internet presentation.

HOTEL4YOU has a booking agreement with you. Agreements which take place between you as a guest and your booked hotel are not taken into account by our bookings. These kinds of agreements exist between you and your chosen hotel. You cannot use this web-site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices. You represent that you are of sufficient legal age to use this site and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this site. You understand that you are financially responsible for all uses of this site by you and those using your log-in information.

You are this old of legal age to freely book your Hotel, travel indepently and reimburse all costs arising on your own account. Parents take all responsibility for the actions of their children. A condition for the use of this site is your guarantee that you will not use the site for any purpose which is illegal or prohibited according to these terms, regulations and conditions.
The contract for the services provided between you and HOTEL4YOU takes effect directly during the booking procedure. The reservation for your room takes place after the booking request. The client will receive a booking confirmation in addition per e-mail. The contact with the client is held through internet. Please make sure that the e-mail address supplied by you is enabled to receive a booking confirmation with an Adobe PDF-attachment. In case you receive a confirmation without a voucher, please contact us exclusively through our contact form or fax. HOTEL4YOU cannot check on the receipt of the confirmation per e-mail because of technical difficulties. The validity of the booking remains untouched by this.
The booking procedure is given under the point Booking Request. Your booking takes effect the moment the information about the receipt of your request appears in the window of your internet browser.
In general a booking request is a binding agreement as given above. A booking is valid when you have received a booking confirmation via e-mail. In case you haven't received a confirmation within 36 hours (weekends- holidays), please send an e-mail to HOTEL4YOU and ask to resend the confirmation.
Your credit cards information is needed for a booking request of your chosen hotel. Without these data no booking request can be proceeded. For further information about your personal credit card information, please read under Privacy Policy.
Your hotel is booked for you once you receive the booking confirmation. Usually a confirmation is sent by HOTEL4YOU via e-mail within 24 hours. In some cases it can take 36 hours (weekends- holidays). In case you haven't received a confirmation within 36 hours, please send an e-mail to HOTEL4YOU and ask to resend the confirmation. The booking of the hotel is made under your name and cannot be resold or altered to another person. Should you need to make any changes, please contact us exclusively through our contact from under ‚Contact‘ and supply the information necessary and your confirmation number. A free cancellation is only possible when proceeded under the conditions and the timeline given in the confirmation e-mail.
The booking of your hotel is done under your name and cannot be altered to a third party. Further is the booking made for the hotel chosen by you and cannot be rebooked to another hotel. In general the booking is valid between you and the hotel. Free use of extra services other at your hotel, as well as to consume the mini bar at your hotel room are not listed in the booking confirmation and will be purchased to you by the hotel.
A reservation will be held by the hold for the first night. HOTEL4YOU reserves the right to redistribute your booked room in case you fail to arrive. After that a claim to further accommodation is inexistent. In case your arrival at the hotel on the day of journey there cannot take place before 6pm local time or even later, please inform the hotel directly about the expected time of your arrival.
All HOTEL4YOU prices – special prices for the running year as well as best price of the day – are room prices agreed on by contract with HOTEL4YOU, valid for all effective bookings made through the HOTEL4YOU-booking system. The booking is carried out in respect of the current best/lowest price of the day available within the system for the given date of your journey. The offered room prices are reliable and guaranteed. Room prices of hotels listed on the web-site are valid for one person and for one night including breakfast. Prices will be confirmed in the confirmation e-mail.
You wish to stay more nights at your hotel? Please turn to the hotel's personel at the reception or contact HOTEL4YOU through our contact form under ‚Contact‘. In case you are charged another price at your hotel, please ask the hotel personal at the reception to contact HOTEL4YOU and show the print-out of your confirmation immediately. You may also contact us through the contact form mentioned above.
HOTEL4YOU is a booking service, we do not own or promote hotels, we act as intermediary for the seeking client through our booking system. All hotel specials on our site are HOTEL4YOU-specials and to be book exclusively through our booking modalities. Refreshments and drinks, services and room services (like e.g. telephone, use of wellness area, not free of charge  TV-channels) are usually not included in the room charges. Please inform yourself on the day of your arrival about these additional costs. You are responsible for whatever you consume at the hotel.
To avoid misunderstandings, all changes and cancellations should be made through the HOTEL4YOU contact form or fax. To make changes or cancellations in due time and their receipt by HOTEL4YOU is authoritative for these procedures.
GENERALY: a booking not yet confirmed, can be cancelled any time. Please see for the procedures in the acknowledgement of receipt of your booking. After that a claim for a booking cancellation is not existent anymore. An inquiry for a cancellation can be sent to us anytime.

There is a fee 10% of the total booking amount. (The number of days prior to arrival apply to working days only, excluded are weekends and holidays.
Changes or Upgrades are free of charge!

General cancelation policy for SPA stays:
Date of Verification – 30 days 10%,
30 days – 16 days 20%,
16 days – 7 days 40%,
7 days – 2 days 80%,
2 days – Check-in 100%.

Changes or Upgrades are free of charge!
General cancelation policy for hotel stays:
48 hrs. before check-in 10% of booking amount (min. 25,– eur)
less than 48 hrs. 1 night.
not canceled bookings (in writen) 100% of booking amount.

We recommend a travel cancellation insurance!

less than 48 hrs. or no cancelation in writen 100%
transfers no shows 25,– eur (aditional fee one way).

Your driver will be waiting for you, with a sign with your name on it in the arrival hall, until the baggage sign with your flight number is switched off. In case of any difficulties please call the office at any time! +420-725386006
PLEASE NOTE: In case of delay or other circumstances of non arrival, please let us know immediately so we can arrange for another pick-up service. In the case of no show at Prague airport, your pick-up service is non refundable.

Cancellation upon unknown sender In order to prevent the misuse of free reservations in this booking-system and not to burden HOTEL4YOU with unnecessary blind bookings, HOTEL4YOU reserves itself the right to cancel reservations in individual cases upon incomplete or false details of data. In case a HOTEL4YOU-inquiry cannot be made to the guest’s given e-mail or phone number, a claim to further accommodation by HOTEL4YOU is inexistent. The same applies in case the guest‘s supplied e-mail had been subject to accumulation of bookings which have not been observed or inquiries by HOTEL4YOU to this address have remained unsuccessful. To secure oneself against such cancellations because of suspicion to fraudulent bookings, the guest has the possibility to send in his reservation per fax, with his credit card number, expiration date and full address marked.

Please note that certain hotels have specials for travelers with children. See to that on the HOTEL4YOU hotel-page.
Your Privacy Matters to Us! We believe and respect the fundamental right of our users to privacy. All your data/ information provided is treated confidential and is shared exclusively between the necessary parties: a, you, and your hotel, or other necessary service providers like, e.g., the transfer service between your hotel and the airport. We don't use any of your details/ personal data for any other purpose but your online booking. Your personal data will not be redistributed, sold or shared or handed down to other parties than the above mentioned. Our server installs a secure connection to your computer. Our programm is based on a php-security programme that cannot be used by a third party.
All information about hotels listed on the web site is checked on regularly. However HOTEL4YOU does not warrant for such information since only the hotel can check on the accuracy of their details. HOTEL4YOU cares for a complete presentation of the hotel on our site but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. All details on our web site are given by the hotels themselves. The information about your chosen hotel does is not complete and not allow for a booking, yet? Please, see into the hotel's homepage for further information. Programme or spelling errors are usually corrected on the spot by the HOTEL4YOU-team, they may nevertheless occur at any moment. We take no responsibility upon information provided on the homepages of the hotels. Neither do we accept liability for the availability or not of capacity. We reserve the right to alter the regulations, conditions and information which build the basis on which this web site is presented.
The contents of the entire web site is protected by copyright and property of – You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from this web site. Any persons breaching any of the terms of the use given in this GTB will be prosecuted by law. All rights reserved.
The following concluding remarks are valid the entire above mentioned General Terms and Conditions of Business. The relevant Court of Jurisdiction is Prague, Czech Republic (EU). You agree that neither a joint venture, a partnership, an employment contract nor an agency relationship exists between yourself and ourselves as a result of using this website. In case any part of this contract should happen to be invalid or non-enforceable in law, including but not limited to the above-mentioned declarations on exclusion and limit of liability, then the invalid or non-enforceable provision will be regarded as being substituted by the valid, enforceable provision which best matches the purpose of the original provision and the rest of the contract remains effective.
This contract represents the entire agreement between „you“ and „us“ as far as this web site is concerned and replaces all related, previously or simultaneously occurring comments and suggestions, whether electronic, spoken or written between ourselves. A printed version of this contract and a notification distributed in electronic form to everyone is valid in court or administrative proceedings based on or connected with this contract to the same degree and under the same conditions as other business documents and recorded information, which were originally produced and maintained in printed form.
Our General Terms of Business (GBC) explains the contractual basis taking effect between you as a client and HOTEL4YOU as the provider of the booking service. Since the valid version of the GTB at the time of the reservation/booking is the contractual basis between HOTEL4YOU and the booker, you should acquaint yourself with these terms before posting your booking.
For to post a reservation at HOTEL4YOU, you need to confirm that you agree with our GTB. As soon as you have read and accepted them by clicking the provided button, your reservation will be valid. HOTEL4YOU Whom can I turn to when questions or a problem occur? We are happy to help you along and gladly receive your response letters. We are open for and thankful for any suggestion you may give us. Just click ‘Contact’ in the main menu and use the provided contact form. Our service is also available by telephone or traditional email service.
In case one legal requirement of the agency’s con¬ditions is invalid, all other requirements remain untouched. Please read the General Terms of Business as described in GTB. Programme and price changes as well as errors in spelling excepted. Once a booking request takes effect, you have accepted the agency’s GTB. The General Terms of Business can be found in the main menu under GTB.